ASG 4,5mm Luftgevær TAC45 Co2 drift 90cm

Med Bipod & 21 skudds magasin!

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The TAC-4.5 rifle is a light weight, CO2 powered Airgun rifle with an ergonomic pistol grip that holds the 4.5mm BB’s in a stick type magazine allowing a fast reload.

The rifles feature a full-length picatinny styled top rail for optics and accessories. The lower part of the rifle has a long rail for attaching the included fully adjustable folding bipod, and can be used for other equipment like tactical lights. Furthermore the rifle features an integrated mounting bay for a laser aiming module especially designed for this rifle. The thumbhole stock has a built in rubber pad for added comfort when shouldering the rifle.

 Included is also a pair of removable fixed sights with a self-illuminated fiber optic front bead. Using CO2 means more power and a high fire rate, making this an exciting and fun gun to shoot.

Uses 4.5mm round steel BB’s.

Lengde: 90 cm
Vekt: 1,5 kg (uten fot)
Kapasitet magasin: 21 rounds
Velocity: 127ms/417fps
Energy: 2,8 Joule      


  • High-quality bipod
  • Mounting bay for laser module
  • Metal outer barrel
  • Durable polymer body
  • Fiber optic removable sights


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