HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset Wii U

Krystallklar lyd - Overlegend komfort

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HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset er et overlegent headset for pro-gamere, med lærbelagte øreklokker og hodestøtte for maksimal komfort, selv etter timevis med spilling. Den gir også krystallklar lydkvalitet med forsterket bass, avtagbar mikrofon og er kompatibel med både PS4, Xbox One, PC og Wii U.

  • Suveren komfort for lange spilløkter
  • Overlegen lydkvalitet
  • Kompatibel med PS4, Xbox One, PC og Wii U
  • Avtagbar mikrofon
  • Kabellengde: 1 meter + 2 meter forlenger

Dette mener kritikerne:

"The HyperX Cloud are comfortable to wear long term thanks to the earphone and headband design. It also helps that they incorporate a quality microphone - making online team discussions a pleasure" - Kit Guru

"They're fantastic for something like an amazing, low-mix electronic album, and gave me phenomenal spatial awareness when playing chaotic multiplayer matches in busy action-games" - IGN

"The build quality is excellent. The main frame throughout the headband and holding the earcups in place is aluminium, which is flexible enough to allow a good fit but equally a very strong and also lightweight - in many ways it's the perfect material for a headset" - bit-tech.net

European Hardware Awards 2015 - Best Headset/Headphones Winner

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