Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Pistol 6mm - Co2

19,2cm - 0,52kg - Robust - 135ms!

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Ekstremt kraftig Softgun. Siden den ikke har blow-back, leverer den hele 135ms/413fps! 1,6 Joule. Og det til en meget hyggelig pris.

Originally developed BERSA, as a military/law-enforcement sidearm, the Thunder® Pro HC was built to perform under adverse conditions and provide decisive stopping power. This is a semi-automatic 6 mm Airsoft version fully licensed by BERSA. It is powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge stored in the grip using the easy-load system and the BB's are put in a removable stick magazine. The Thunder® Pro HC is a lightweight, full-sized handgun, with a ergonomic design. An integrated picatinny rail allows for mounting of lasers or tactical lights. The grip and slide caries authentic BERSA markings and every gun comes with unique serial number.
Picatinny accessory rail.
Barrel threaded for silencer.
Comfortable grip.
Since 1958, BERSA® has been manufacturing accurate, reliable, and robust handguns, utilizing advanced firearms technologies paired with a history of innovation. The Argentinean Military, as well as law enforcement officials around the world, have routinely issued and relied on BERSA® handguns as their official sidearm. BERSA® is currently one of the largest privately owned corporations in Argentina.


Length: 192mm

Barrel length: 115mm

Mag. Capacity: 15 rounds

Hop Up Type: None

Velocity: 135ms/443fps

Weight: 520gr

Energy: 1,8 Joule

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